Ronald McDonald House Charities #blogg100 – dag 39

As you probably know, Pennybridge has signed with Ronald McDonald House Charities, and at the moment you’re able to support the Swedish organisation in our service, click here.

We’ve had several meetings with RMHC in Chicago, and in one of the first meetings with Greg Borkowski (Manager, Development) he said some very warming words to us, which we carry with us:

We work with companies every day that know charities are big business. And they all want to make money. And then they want to do good. But the reason the second goal exists is because it supports the first one – making money. I’m excited about Pennybridge because you’ve flipped the equation. Your corporate model puts doing good above making money; good work is supported by revenue rather than having revenue supported by good work. RMHC is interested in working with you because of this strategic focus.


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